Namaste, Aloha, Ahlan, Hello…

Clarity and Beauty. Authenticity and Transition.

Photography: Nina Mommsen

Photography: Nina Mommsen

In 2008 I quit my corporate job as a Brand Strategist and I followed my curiosity and passion.

By 2019 I have a self-care strategy in place which puts me first in everything I approach and choose to commit to.

I have created a life vision (through my work with LifeBook created by Jon and Missy Butcher), I immersed myself in the most powerful group and 1:1 coaching experiences that I could find. And I am now part of the Create the Impossible project for 2019 by genius master-thinker Michael Neill. I have created projects along the way that have stimulated me emotionally and have created so much growth and maturity in my self-development.

Some of the projects I have conducted have failed and some have succeeded - but as a result

Clarity is your ability to journey in life with a clear vision of where you want to go and what you want out of life…Not having the slightest clue how to get there, but KNOWING deep inside that you will.

Beauty is the grace and values that you carry along the way that get you living each moment from a place of authentic passion and optimal productivity…Not busyness…but knowing that you are in the right place at the right time…at all times. And the people who you choose to be around you are reflecting truth and love at the levels that you truly deserve.

I like to start off all my coaching calls with the first understanding that


In other words, there is an underlining rhythm and presence that is working towards your greatest interest at all times. It brought you where you are today and it will definitely guide you to where you want to go. Its your internal GPS system and when the path is clear you will witness it.

My clients are High Performers, Pioneers, Freedom seekers…Leaders with the power to initiate projects and put new plans and processes into place. My clients don’t fear change, they play large and seek to impact the world at large.

You are the most valuable asset towards your personal, professional and spiritual transformation. When you see life in oneness and seek to make a contribution from your deepest, most authentic part of yourself, then it is compelling for you to frequently step up your game and move that thing aside that HOLDS YOU BACK.

Each thing reveals the One,
the One manifests as all things.
To live in this Realization
is not to worry about perfection or non-perfection.
To put your trust in the Heart-Mind is to live without separation,
and in this non-duality you are one with your Life-Source.” -Hsin-hsin Ming

As your coach…I am here to support you.

I am the Founder of TalentFreeFlow Ltd. (TFF) – leading talent performance within the context of special interest projects. I use a combination of coaching and BADASS CONSULTING (NOT INSULTING - JUST TELLING YOU THE STUFF THAT NO-ONE ELSE WILL) and supporting you to create at your highest potential on your greatest passions.

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